Professional bird control in Cornwall, Devon, Somerset and South Wales

Contact ADM Pest Solutions for effective bird control services at competitive prices in Cornwall, Devon, Somerset and South Wales


A wide range of bird control services

We offer you a range of options for bird control. Whether you need bird spikes to prevent pitching or humane bird netting for bird prevention, choose us. We can provide you with advice on legislation on egg and nest removal. You can also choose us for guano and feather cleaning. Rely on ADM Pest Solutions for comprehensive bird proofing and prevention services in Somerset & South Wales.

Site surveys conducted

For our customers’ convenience, we offer comprehensive site surveys. Tell us your requirements now and we will book an appointment for you.

Signs you may need a bird control service:

When guttering is clogged due to bird droppings or nesting birds.

When there are bird droppings on buildings and cars, etc.

When birds are aggressive during the nesting season